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//  Car.h - a body with wheels.
//  Copyright (C) 2001--2004 Sam Varner
//  This file is part of Vamos Automotive Simulator.
//  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
//  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
//  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
//  (at your option) any later version.
//  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
//  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
//  GNU General Public License for more details.
//  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
//  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
//  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA

#ifndef _CAR_H_
#define _CAR_H_

#define USE_XML false
#define USE_CAR true

#include <vamos/geometry/Three_Vector.h>
#include <vamos/geometry/Two_Point.h>
// #include <vamos/geometry/XML_Parser.h>
#include <vamos/body/Rigid_Body.h>
#include <vamos/body/Drivetrain.h>

#include <vector>
#include <utility>

#include "settings.h"
#include "configfile.h"
#include "model.h"
#include "globals.h"

class BEZIER;

class slSample;
namespace Vamos_Geometry
      class Sample;

namespace Vamos_Body
//    class Car_Reader;
      class Dashboard;
      class Fuel_Tank;
      class Particle;
      class Wheel;

      //* A class that handles gradual application of a control that's
      // operated by a button, such as the clutch.  If you're using a
      // keyboard instead of a joystick, it also handles steering, gas and
      // brake.
      class Key_Control
            // True if the next target is not set until the current one is
            // reached. 
            bool m_block;

            // True if a target is waiting.
            bool m_target_pending;
            // The current setting of this control.
            double m_value;

            // The desired setting of this control.
            double m_target;
            double m_next_target;

            // How fast `m_value' approaches `m_target'.
            double m_rate;
            double m_next_rate;

            // How long to wait before starting to change the setting.
            double m_delay;
            double m_next_delay;

            // The time needed for the control to reach its target.
            double m_time;
            double m_next_time;

            //** Constructor
            Key_Control (bool block = false);
            // Set the target setting of this control.  NEW_TARGET is the
            // desired setting.  TIME is how long it should take for the
            // setting to go from 0.0 to 1.0 after waiting for DELAY.
            // `m_rate' is calculated in this function.
            void target (double new_target, double time = 0.0, double delay = 0.0);

            // Update the setting of this control.  The setting move toward
            // `m_target' by the ammount `m_rate' * TIME.
            double update (double time);

            // Return the current value of this control.
            double value () const { return m_value; }

            // Go immediately to the target.
            void end ();
      bool target_pending() {return m_target_pending;}

      //* A body with wheels.
      class Car
//          friend class Car_Reader;

            std::string m_data_dir;

            struct Crash_Box
              double front;
              double back;
              double left;
              double right;
              double top;
              double bottom;

              // Return true if the position is within the crash box.
              bool within (const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& position) const;
            Crash_Box m_crash_box;
            CONFIGFILE m_car_definition;
            bool LoadCarDefinition(string carfile);
            bool LoadParts();
            bool LoadPart(string partfile);
            std::vector <Vamos_Geometry::Two_Point> m_tpoints;

            std::string m_car_file;
            Rigid_Body m_chassis;

            // A pointer to the car's drivetrain.
            Drivetrain* mp_drivetrain;

            // A pointer to the car's fuel tank.
            Fuel_Tank* mp_fuel_tank;

            // The fraction of braking torque applied to the front wheels.
            double m_front_brake_bias;

            // The maximum angle for the steered wheels.
            double m_max_steer_angle;

            // Steering non-linearity
            double m_steer_exponent;

            // Set the amount of decrease in sensitivity with speed.
            double m_steer_speed_sensitivity;

            // The sum of the sliding speeds of the tires.
            double m_slide;

            // True if a shift has been requested but not yet made due to the
            // delay `m_shift_delay'.
            bool m_shift_pending;

            // The amount of time elapsed after the shift request.
            double m_shift_timer;

            // How long to wait between getting a shift request and actually
            // shifting. 
            double m_shift_delay;

            // The gear to shift to when `m_shift_timer' reaches
            // `m_shift_delay'. 
            int m_new_gear;

            // The gear we were in before the last shift was requested.
            int m_last_gear;

            // The control that gradually applies steering when the keyboard
            // is used.
            Key_Control m_steer_key_control;

            // The control that gradually applies the throttle when the
            // keyboard is used.
            Key_Control m_gas_key_control;

            // The control that gradually applies braking when the keyboard
            // is used.
            Key_Control m_brake_key_control;
            // The control that gradually applies handbraking when the keyboard
            // is used.
            Key_Control m_handbrake_key_control;

            // The control that gradually applies the clutch when the keyboard
            // is used.
            Key_Control m_clutch_key_control;

            // The control that gradually pans the view.
            Key_Control m_pan_key_control;

            // A pointer to the frontmost particle of the car.
            Particle* mp_front_particle;

            // The total distance traveled since the start of the simulation.
            double m_distance_traveled;

            // The position of the driver's eyes.
            Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector m_driver_view;

            // The driver's field of view.
            double m_field_of_view;

            // The maximum pan angle.
            double m_pan_angle;

            // Display additional information if true.
            bool m_show_dashboard_extras;

            // Perform operations common to both reset() methods. 
            void private_reset ();
            std::vector <Wheel*> m_wheels;
            int controller;
            int m_sector;
            BEZIER * m_colpatches[4];

            Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector car_lastpos;
            int get_controller() {return controller;}
            void set_controller(int newc) {controller = newc;}
            //** Constructor
            Car (const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& pos);

            float brakesetting;
            //** Destructor
            virtual ~Car ();
            virtual void SetReflectionTexture(TEXTURE_HANDLE * reftid) {cout << "warning:  Car::SetReflectionTexture called instead of Gl_Car::SetReflectionTexture" << endl;}

            Rigid_Body& chassis () { return m_chassis; }

            // Read the car definition file.
            void read (std::string data_dir = "", std::string car_file = "");

            // Define a sound for the engine.
            virtual void engine_sound (std::string file, 
                                       double volume, 
                                       double throttle_volume_factor, 
                                       double engine_speed_volume_factor, 
                                       double pitch) = 0;

            // Set the 3D models.
            virtual void 
            exterior_model (std::string file, double scale,
                            const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& translation,
                            const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& rotation) = 0;
            virtual void 
            interior_model (std::string file, double scale,
                            const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& translation,
                            const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& rotation) = 0;

            // Set the dashboard.
            virtual void dashboard (Dashboard* dash) = 0;
            // Advance the car in time by TIME.
            virtual void propagate (double time);
            // Pan the view.
            void pan (double factor, double time = 0.0);

            // Change the steering angle to ANGLE with a time constant of TIME.
            void steer (double angle, double time = 0.0);

            // Change the throttle to FACTOR with a time constant of TIME.
            void gas (double factor, double time = 0.0);

            // Change the brakes to FACTOR with a time constant of TIME.
            void brake (double factor, double time = 0.0);
            // Return the steering angle
            double steer() { return m_steer_key_control.value(); }

            // Return the gas value
            double gas() { return m_gas_key_control.value(); }

            // Return the brake value
            double brake() { return m_brake_key_control.value(); }

            // Return max steering angle
            double max_steer_angle() { return m_max_steer_angle; }
            // Change the brakes to FACTOR with a time constant of TIME.
            void handbrake (double factor, double time = 0.0);

            // Shift to the next lower gear.  The chosen gear is returned.
            int shift_down ();

            // Shift to the next higher gear.  The chosen gear is returned.
            int shift_up ();

            // Shift to GEAR.  The chosen gear is returned.
            int shift (int gear);

            void clutch (double factor, double time = 0.0);

            void engage_clutch (double time);
            void disengage_clutch (double time);
            void start_engine ();
            // Set the front brake bias to BIAS.
            void brake_bias (double bias);

            // Set the largest possible steering angle.
            void max_steer_angle (double degree_angle) 
            { m_max_steer_angle = degree_angle; }

            // Set the steering non-linearity.
            void steer_exponent (double exponent) { m_steer_exponent = exponent; }
            // Set the amount of decrease in sensitivity with speed.
            void steer_speed_sensitivity (double sensitivity)
            { m_steer_speed_sensitivity = sensitivity; }

            // Set the amount of time for gear changes.
            void shift_delay (double time) { m_shift_delay = time; }

            // Set the amount of time for operating the clutch.  The first
            // time is for shifting from nuetral.
            void clutch_time (double from_neutral, double others);

            // Return the sum of the sliding speeds of the tires.
            double slide () const { return m_slide; }

            // Return the pointer to the WHEEL_INDEXth wheel.
            Wheel* wheel (int wheel_index) const;

            // Return the pointer to the front-most particle.
            Particle* front_particle () const { return mp_front_particle; }

            // Return a pointer to the engine.
            Engine* engine () { return mp_drivetrain->engine (); }

            // Return a pointer to the transmission.
            Transmission* transmission () { return mp_drivetrain->transmission (); }

            // Return a pointer to the fuel tank.
            Fuel_Tank* fuel_tank () { return mp_fuel_tank; }

            // Return the most recent gear selected.  The shift may not have
            // occurred yet due to the shift delay specified in the call to
            // `shift_up ()', `shift_down ()', or `shift ()'.
            int gear () const { return m_new_gear; }

            // Retrun the previous gear selected.
            int last_gear () const { return m_last_gear; }

            //** Enhance Body's reset methods by re-initializing the engine
            // and gearbox.

            // Restore the initial conditions.
            void reset ();

            // Restore the initial conditions and then set the position to
            // POSITION and the orientation to ORIENTATION.
            void reset (const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& position, 
                        const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Matrix& orientation);

            // Return the total distance traveled since the start of the
            // simulation.
            double distance_traveled () const { return m_distance_traveled; }

            void drivetrain (Drivetrain* drive);

            // Set the position of the driver's eyes relative to the origin.
            void view_position (const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& driver_view) 
            { m_driver_view = driver_view; }

            // Set the driver's field of view in degrees.
            void field_of_view (double field) { m_field_of_view = field; }

            virtual void set_view (const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& position,
                                   double field_of_view,
                                   double near_plane, double far_plane,
                                   double pan_angle) {};

            virtual void set_perspective (double aspect) {};

            // Add a rearview mirror.
            virtual void add_rear_view (const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& position,
                                        double width, double height,
                                        double direction, double field,
                                        double near_plane, double far_plane,
                                        std::string mask_file) {};

            // Return the driver's field of view in degrees.
            double field_of_view () const { return m_field_of_view; }

            // Return the current pan angle.
            double pan () const { return m_pan_key_control.value (); }

            // Return the position of the viewpont.
            Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector view_position () const;

            //* Methods to be defined in derived classes.

            // Render the car according to its current position and
            // orientation.
            virtual TEXTURE_HANDLE * shadow_texture() {cerr << "ERROR:  virtual call to shadow_texture!" << endl; return NULL;}
            virtual void draw (bool transform) {};
            virtual void draw_interior () {};
            virtual void draw_rear_view (double aspect, int index) {};
            virtual void make_rear_view_mask (int window_width, 
                                              int window_height) {};
            virtual int get_n_mirrors () const { return 0; }

            // Perform the transformations for the driver's view.
            virtual void view (double pan, 
                               const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& view_position) {};
            virtual void view (double pan) {};

            // Return the PLIB sound object for the engine.  Can't be const.
            virtual Vamos_Geometry::Sample* engine_sound () = 0;

            // Return the sound parameters.
            virtual double engine_pitch () { return 0.0; }
            virtual double engine_volume () { return 0.0; }
            virtual int GetSoundSource() {return -12337;}
            virtual int GetTireSoundSource(int i) {return -1337;}

            // Return true if there is no shift delay.
            bool fast_shift () const { return m_shift_delay <= 0.0; }

            void show_dashboard_extras (bool show) { m_show_dashboard_extras = show; }

            // Return true if the position is within the crash box.
            bool collision (const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& position) const;
            //bool ShiftPending() {return m_shift_pending;}
            bool ShiftPending() {return (m_shift_pending || m_clutch_key_control.target_pending());}
            void GetState(Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector &chassispos, 
            Vamos_Geometry::Three_Matrix &chassisorientation,
            Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector &chassisvel,
            Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector &chassisangvel,
            double *suspdisp,
            double *suspcompvel,
            Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector *whlangvel,
            int &gear,
            double &enginespeed,
            double &clutchspeed,
            double &enginedrag,
            double *tirespeed
            void SetState(Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector chassispos, 
            Vamos_Geometry::Three_Matrix chassisorientation,
            Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector chassisvel,
            Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector chassisangvel,
            double *suspdisp,
            double *suspcompvel,
            Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector *whlangvel,
            int gear,
            double enginespeed,
            double clutchspeed,
            double enginedrag,
            double * tirespeed
            virtual JOEMODEL * GetCollisionModel() {return NULL;}
            void SetSector(int newsector) {m_sector = newsector;}
            int GetSector() {return m_sector;}
            void SetColPatch(int i, BEZIER * newcolpatch) {if (i < 4 && i >= 0) m_colpatches[i] = newcolpatch;}
            BEZIER * GetColPatch(int i) {if (i < 4 && i >= 0) return m_colpatches[i]; else return NULL;}
            //void SetColFriction(int i, float f1, float f2) {if (i < 4 && i >= 0) {m_colfriction1[i] = f1;m_colfriction2[i] = f2;}}
            void SetColParams(int i, double f1, double f2, double rr, double rd);

      class Facade;
      class Gauge;
      class Gear_Indicator;
      class Steering_Wheel;

      struct Model_Info
            std::string file;
            double scale;
            Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector translate;
            Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector rotate;

            Model_Info (std::string file_in, double scale_in,
                        const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& translate_in,
                        const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& rotate_in)
              : file (file_in), 
                scale (scale_in), 
                translate (translate_in),
                rotate (rotate_in)
      class Car_Reader : public Vamos_Geometry::XML_Parser
            void on_start_tag (const Vamos_Geometry::XML_Tag& tag); 
            void on_end_tag (const Vamos_Geometry::XML_Tag& tag); 
            void on_data (std::string data_string);

            std::string m_tag;
            std::string m_path;

            std::vector <int> m_ints;
            std::vector <double> m_doubles;
            std::vector <std::string> m_strings;
            std::vector <Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector> m_vectors;
            std::vector <Vamos_Geometry::Two_Point> m_points;
            std::vector <std::pair <int, double> > m_gears;
            std::vector <bool> m_bools;

            std::vector <double> m_long_parameters;
            std::vector <double> m_trans_parameters;
            std::vector <double> m_align_parameters;

            std::string m_slow_model;
            std::string m_fast_model;
            std::string m_stator_model;
            double m_transition;
            double m_stator_offset;
            double m_scale;
            Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector m_translation;
            Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector m_rotation;
            std::vector <Model_Info*> m_models;
            bool m_first_model_for_this_wheel;

            std::string m_data_dir;
            Car* mp_car;
            Engine* mp_engine;
            Clutch* mp_clutch;
            Transmission* mp_transmission;
            Differential* mp_differential;

            std::vector <Facade*> ma_mirrors;
            Gauge* mp_tachometer;
            Gauge* mp_speedometer;
            Gauge* mp_fuel_gauge;
            Gear_Indicator* mp_gear_indicator;
            Steering_Wheel* mp_steering_wheel;

            std::string m_tachometer_type;
            std::string m_speedometer_type;
            std::string m_fuel_gauge_type;

            Car_Reader (std::string data_dir, 
                        std::string car_file, 
                        Car* car);
            ~Car_Reader ();

#endif // not _CAR_H_

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