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//  Wheel.h - a wheel.
//  Copyright (C) 2001--2004 Sam Varner
//  This file is part of Vamos Automotive Simulator.
//  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
//  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
//  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
//  (at your option) any later version.
//  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
//  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
//  GNU General Public License for more details.
//  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
//  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
//  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA

#ifndef _WHEEL_H_
#define _WHEEL_H_

#include <vamos/body/Suspension.h>
#include <vamos/body/Tire.h>
#include <vamos/body/Brake.h>
#include <vamos/body/Contact_Point.h>
#include <vamos/geometry/Constants.h>
#include <vamos/geometry/Material.h>
#include <vamos/geometry/Three_Vector.h>
#include <vamos/geometry/Inertia_Tensor.h>

#include <GL/gl.h>

#include "model.h"

#include <string>

namespace Vamos_Body
  //* A wheel.  
  // Handles wheel geometry.  See Tire, Brake and Suspension for
  // related functionality.
  class Wheel : public Contact_Point

      // The initial position of the wheel.
      Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector m_original_position;

      double m_tire_offset;
      // The distance from the steering pivot to the effective center
      // of the contact patch.

      double m_roll_height;
      // How far off the road lateral forces are applied to the chassis.

      // The suspension that the wheel is attached to.
      Suspension* mp_suspension;

      // The tire that is attached to the wheel.
      Tire m_tire;

      // The brake for the wheel.
      Brake m_brake;

      // The velocity of the ground relative to the wheel.
      Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector m_ground_velocity;

      // The current normal vector for the road.
      Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector m_normal;

      // The angular velocity of the wheel.
      Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector m_ang_velocity;
      // The surface we're currently on
      Vamos_Geometry::Material_Handle m_material;

      // The torque applied to the tire.
      double m_tire_torque;

      double m_drive_torque;

      double m_braking_torque;

      // True if the wheel responds to steering. 
      bool m_steered;

      // True if the wheel is driven.
      bool m_driven;

      // The side of the car that the wheel is on.
      Vamos_Geometry::Side m_side;

      // The ID of the display lists for the wheel.
      /*GLuint m_slow_wheel_list;
      GLuint m_fast_wheel_list;
      GLuint m_stator_list;*/

      // The speed where we start using m_fast_wheel_list.
      double m_transition_speed;

      // The current rotation angle about the axle.
      double m_rotation;
      JOEMODEL model;

      // Return the display list for the specified model file.
      /*GLuint make_model (std::string file, double scale,
                                 const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& translation,
                                 const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& rotation);*/

      // Do the transformation of the wheel model.
      void transform ();

      //** Constructor
      Wheel (double mass, 
               Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector position, 
               double tire_offset,
               double roll_height,
               double restitution,
               Suspension* suspension, 
               const Tire& tire, 
               const Brake& brake,
               bool steered,
               bool driven,
               Vamos_Geometry::Side side);

      // Find and store the forces and torques for the current
      // configuration.
      void find_forces ();

      Suspension* suspension();
      Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector ang_velocity();
      void set_ang_velocity(Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector newvel) {m_ang_velocity = newvel;}
      // Advance the wheel forward in time by TIME.
      void propagate (double time);

      // Undo the last propagation.
      void rewind ();

      // Handle collisions.  The return value is how much the wheel was
      // displaced by the collision.
      double contact (const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& position,
                              const Vamos_Geometry::Inertia_Tensor& inertia,
                              const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& vecocity, 
                              double distance,
                              const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& normal,
                              const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& ang_velocity,
                              Vamos_Geometry::Material_Handle material);

      // Apply the torque TORQUE_IN to the wheel.  This torque results
      // from acceleration or braking.
      void drive_torque (double torque_in);

      void brake (double factor);
      double get_handbrake_multiplier() {return m_brake.handbrake();}

      // Set the steering angle.
      void steer (double degree_angle) { mp_suspension->steer (degree_angle); }

      // Return the speed of the contact patch of the tire with respect
      // to the ground.
      double slide () const { return m_tire.slide (); }

      // Return the wheel's rotational speed in radians per second.
      double rotational_speed () const { return m_tire.rotational_speed (); }
      void set_rotational_speed(double newrs) {m_tire.set_rotational_speed(newrs);}

      // Return the linear speed of the tire tread.  This is the speed
      // that a speedometer on this wheel would read.
      double speed () const { return m_tire.speed (); }
      double GetFeedback() {return m_tire.GetFeedback();}

      // Return the position relative to the body where the wheel exerts
      // its force.
      Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector force_position () const;

      // Return the position of the wheel relative to the body for the
      // purpose of detecting collisions.
      Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector contact_position () const;
      Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector position () const;

      // Return the slip ratio for the wheel;
      double slip () const;

      // Return the wheel to its initial conditions.
      void reset ();

      bool single_contact () const { return false; }

      bool steered () const { return m_steered; }
      bool driven () const { return m_driven; }

      Vamos_Geometry::Side side () const { return m_side; }

      void set_models (std::string slow_file, 
                               std::string fast_file, 
                               double transition_speed,
                               std::string stator_file,
                               double stator_offset,
                               double scale, 
                               const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& translation,
                               const Vamos_Geometry::Three_Vector& rotation);
      void draw ();
      void SetColParams(double f1, double f2, double rr, double rd) {m_tire.SetSurfaceParams(f1, f2, rr, rd);}

#endif // !_WHEEL_H_

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