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#ifndef QUAT_H

#include <cmath>
#include <GL/gl.h>
#include <GL/glu.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <cassert>
#include <fstream>
#include "settings.h"
#include "globals.h"

using namespace std;

class VERTEX
      //buffer for float[3] conversions
      float float3[3];
      float x;
      float y;
      float z;
      VERTEX operator+ (VERTEX v);
      VERTEX operator- (VERTEX v);

      float len();
      VERTEX normalize();
      VERTEX cross(VERTEX b);
      void Scale(float scalar);
      VERTEX ScaleR(float scalar);
      float dot(VERTEX b);
      void Set(float nx, float ny, float nz);
      void Set(float * f3);
      VERTEX InvertR();
      float * v3();
      void zero();
      bool equals(VERTEX other);

      inline void flabs() {if (x < 0) x = -x; if (y < 0) y = -y; if (z < 0) z = -z;}

      inline float v(int i) {if (i == 2) return z; if (i == 1) return y; return x;}

      void DebugPrint() {DebugPrint(cout);}
      void DebugPrint(ostream & out);

      VERTEX interpolatewith(VERTEX other, float percent);
      bool nan();

      //buffer for double[3] conversions
      double double3[3];
      double x;
      double y;
      double z;
      VERTEXD operator+ (VERTEXD v);
      VERTEXD operator- (VERTEXD v);
      VERTEXD(VERTEX other);
      VERTEXD& operator= (const VERTEX &other);

      double len();
      VERTEXD normalize();
      VERTEXD cross(VERTEXD b);
      void Scale(double scalar);
      VERTEXD ScaleR(double scalar);
      double dot(VERTEXD b);
      void Set(double nx, double ny, double nz);
      void Set(double * f3);
      void Set(float * f3);
      VERTEXD InvertR();
      double * v3();
      void zero();

      void DebugPrint();

      VERTEXD interpolatewith(VERTEXD other, double percent);
      bool nan();

class MATRIX3
      void ProjectionMatrix(VERTEX normal);
      VERTEX Multiply(VERTEX vert);
      VERTEX row[3];

      bool cachematvalid;
      float cachemat[16];
      //the 4 vectors we need to represent the quaternion
      float w;
      float x;
      float y;
      float z;

      QUATERNION();                 //the constructor calls loadmultident
      void LoadMultIdent();   //load the [1,(0,0,0)] quaternion
      float Norm();                 //return the magnitude of the quaternion
      void Normalize();       //normalize the quaternion
      void GetMat(float * destmat); //convert to a matrix and store in (float) destmat[16]
      void GetMat(GLdouble * destmat);    //convert to a matrix and store in (gldouble) destmat[16]
      void GetAxisAngle(float * aangle);  //convert to axis angle form and store in (float) aangle[4] (a,x,y,z)
      void Multiply(QUATERNION quat2);    //multiply this quaternion by quat2
      void PostMultiply(QUATERNION quat2);      //multiply quat2 by this quaternion
      void SetAxisAngle(float a, float ax, float ay, float az);
      void Rotate(float a, float ax, float ay, float az);
      void SetEuler(float a, float b, float c);
      QUATERNION ReturnConjugate();
      void LookAt(float eyeX, float eyeY, float eyeZ, float centerX, float centerY, 
               float centerZ, float upX, float upY, float upZ);
      void SetMat(float * m1);
      VERTEX RotateVec(VERTEX vec);
      float GetAngleBetween(QUATERNION quat2);
      VERTEX GetEuler();
      //spherical linear interpolation between this quat and another quat
      QUATERNION Slerp(QUATERNION quat2, float t);
      QUATERNION QuatSlerp(QUATERNION quat2, float t);
      QUATERNION MultScalar(float scalar);
      void DebugPrint();
      VERTEX RelativeMove(VERTEX input);

      QUATERNION operator*(const QUATERNION &quat2 ); //multiply override

//axis-aligned bounding box
class AABB
      VERTEX pos;
      VERTEX center;
      VERTEX size;

      float fabs(float num) {if (num >= 0) return num; else return -num;}

      void SetFromCorners(VERTEX c1, VERTEX c2);
      bool IntersectRay(VERTEX orig, VERTEX d);
      bool IntersectSegment(VERTEX orig, VERTEX d, float seglen);
      bool IntersectAABB(AABB & other);

      VERTEX GetPos() {return pos;}
      VERTEX GetSize() {return size;}
      VERTEX GetCenter() {return center;}
      void DebugPrint();
      void GetVerts(VERTEX * eightverts);

#define QUAT_H

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